Be a Fiver Fan!

For just a fiver ($5.00), all contributors got their name(s) printed in the Tattoo program and were listed on this page of the event website.   

The 2016 list

Sandi Moseley, Mila Louise McMahon, Adrianna Boskovic, Peter Darby McMahon, Baco, Mary Beth McMahon, Nancy Platt, Rod Platt, Robbie Platt, Kilo, Dr. Jennica Platt, Dr. Pavi Kundahl, Ginny Ferguson, Owen Grant, Peggy Habsch, Nick Habsch, Alisha Yule, Matt Habsch, Johathan, Quinn, Jada, Missy Murray, Claire Hillier, Keith Hillier 60, Jazz, Louise & Richard, Mary Anne McMahon, Michael McMahon, Brodie, Corrie, Paddy Mack, Marion McMahon, Paddy J, Roy Wilson, Steve Guadagnino, Carol Guadagnino, Marlene Bailey, Chris Wilson, D. Richard Truman, Bruce Aitchison, Karen Aitchison, Steve Petro, Tracey Petro, Jonathan Petro, Aaron Petro, Duane Wadel, Karen Wadel, Liam Wadel, Avery Wadel, Peter Black, Tim Black, Ben Black, Will Black, Lisa Black, Toby Macphee, James Macphee, Claire Macphee, Rowan Macphee, Marilyn Truemner, John Malcolm,Lorne Ferrazzotti, Barry Craig, Brenda Craig, Nancy Craig, Roger Craig, Bob Dahmer,Wayne Ryder,Bernie Hadden, Haley Hadden,Donna Ryder,Michelle Staplerton, Matt Stapleton, Terry Stapleton, Bill Robinson, Bev Slater, Arian Fagan, Lynda Gilham, Merv McCartney, Lynn Gladstone, Wm. Seifried, Doug Bryant, Joanne Bryant, Vincent Bruni (Mr. 'B'), David Bruni, Empire Statesmen, 'Micky' Bruni, Annie & Woody, Barb Glover, Bob Glover, Irene Senior, Anonymous, George Senior, Dale Wilkinson, Jim Kennedy, Linda Carrigan, Donna Durst, Shirley McDonough, Sandra Peltier, Evan Sockett, Graham Williams, Leslie Urquhart, Heidi Pfleger, Gary Dyke, Jeff Hunter, Sheila Johnston, Linda Breault, Alicia Hosein, George Szczepski, Patricia A. Ritchie-Hutchison, In memory - Glenn D. Hutchison, Anonymous, Betty Grant, Alice Kunitski, John Gordon Dowers, Beth Attwood, John Kraehling, John Dowling, Dennis Chamberlain, Susan Chamberlain, Greg Chamberlain, Lindsay Chamberlain, Leslie Chamberlain, Peter Guille, Sandra Guille, Elliott, Diane Elliott, Bessie Blake, M. Klaassen, David J. Marston,  Jeff Tufts, Ruthanne Tufts, Madison Tufts, Samantha Tufts, Alison Restagno, Terri, Elaine Schultze, Sandi Taylor, Bob Dahmer, Tom Weiler, Nancy Weiler, Brian Pugh, Cheryl Pugh, Mickey Mike, Tinker, Mary Ferguson, Sharon McHugh, George McHugh, James Dunn, Lyn Hassan, Terry Ellison, Patrick Q. Murphy, Shonna Ray Murphy, Elaine Schmidt, Pat Murphy, Trena Murphy, John Haines, Cheryl Haines, Nel Horst, Jessica Jennings, Sarah Kenkel, Addie Jennings, Jacob Hyland, Mike Sturdykowski, Carter Kenkel, In memory - Fauna, Carolyn DeVere, Rebecca White Ford, Amanda White Ford, Gary Tones, Heritage Drill Team, Carol McHaffie, Doug McHaffie, Kyla Joyce, Sienna Joyce, Gavin Joyce, Marie Pinard, In memory - Randy Bennett, In memory - John Bennett, In memory of Luigi  & Carmela Ferrigno, In memory - Jean V Ferrigno, Tina & Lou Ferrigno, Bob Barwell, Paula Barwell, John Barwell, Nate Barwell, Adam Gilbrook, Lynn Gilbrook, Jen Porter, Mackenzie Barwell, Ella Barwell, Scott Barwell, Gerri Reid, Madison Barwell, Haylee Gilbrook, Jan White, Heather Black, Ross Maxwell, Don Barwell, Doreen Barwell, Jim Barwell, Lisa Barwell, Linda Black, Rob Black, Daphne Hallman, Terry & Jayne Hallman, Murray & Vicki Hallman, Ray Hallman & Helga, Lawrie & Janice Hallman, Janet & John Stemerdink, Gerhart Hermann, Mike Hermann, Sharon Hurlbut, Jim Zarzycki, Cathy Zarzycki, Matt & Holly Kreutzer, Brian & Donna Morrison, In memory of Randy Bennett, In memory of John Bennett, Tina & Lou Ferrigno, Cody Marche, Chelsey Marche, Cole Marche, Emily Galea, Ethan Galea, Christina Riley, Emily Riley, Noah Jacobson, Cheryl Riley, Mike & Ann Pratt, Alex McManus, Joanne McManus, Ellen Pierson, Blair Pierson, Samantha Pierson, Elise Emmrich, Sofie Emmrich, Amelia Emmrich, Jurgen Emmrich ,Anthony Cherutti, Tom Barwell, Yvonne Barwell, Michael Ross, Andrew Ross, Lorraine Williams, Irene Allison, Dafi Gilad, Paul Smith,  Anne Smith, Mike H., Shirley Leithbridge, Michelle Nelson, Richard Bobbitt, John Chapman, Susan Chapman, Karen and Paul Donnelly, Robert Bogle, Grant Robertson, In memory of Bobby Maracle, Susan Henry.

How's this for a "FIVER FAN" story?  - (from 2012)

You ask for five and you get one thousand.  Wow!

As a marching member of the Preston Scout House Alumni Band, I’m on a committee to help plan and stage this year’s band and drum corps tattoo to be held on August 20th at University Stadium (WLU) in Waterloo.

With the support of the Cambridge branches of TD Canada Trust, the committee has organized a “FIVER FAN” promotion to raise some money to support the Preston Scout House Alumni Band and to help pay some of the expenses related to the Tattoo like the nearly $5000.00 bus bill to bring Les Diplomates Alumni Drum and Bugle Corps from Quebec City to our region to perform.  The committee had “FIVER FAN” envelopes printed with the idea that any fan of the Alumni Band could contribute the modest sum of $5.00 (a “Fiver”) and for this, the name of the contributor will be printed in the souvenir program for the Tattoo.

Well, last Friday I made the rounds to the various Cambridge TD Canada Trust branches to collect any FIVER FAN envelopes that had been turned in.  Once back at home, I began to open the envelopes, take out the “FIVERS”  and add the name(s) noted on the envelopes to the “FIVER FAN” list on the event website.

In several cases, the amount contributed was more than the “FIVER” requested. Bonus!  In some cases individuals made memorial donations in honour of deceased Preston Scout House Band members – very thoughtful!  But one envelope was a big surprise. 

There was a note that came out of the envelope first.  It read, “For all the years of great entertainment.  I grew up in Preston”.  The second item in that envelope was a folded cheque.  I opened the cheque made payable to the Preston Scout House Band in the amount of $1000.00. WHOOHOO!  I will respect this donor’s privacy but I have to say that, you made my day.

It is uplifting to parade along King Street in Preston and hear the applause of an appreciative and enthusiastic audience – that’s the reason we march but when – without asking - the Band member’s efforts, work and time are acknowledged with an impressive, unsolicited financial contribution, well, I know it made me feel proud to be a part of the Preston Scout House Alumni Band. Mam, I’ll say it again, You made my day! Thank you!

Submitted by:

Pat McMahon   Scout House Tattoo Committee